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About Klub.GermanWithNicole.com

Hallo! Ich bin Nicole Warner.

While I come from solid German and Norwegian stock, I didn't grow up speaking German. (Nor Norwegian, for that matter.)

But in 2003 I moved to Germany and learned German pretty darn quickly--as in I was fluent in 6 months.

Impressed? Well...hold that thought.

I may have learned most of my German then, but what I didn't have then was enjoyment of learning the language. It was hard.

It wasn't fun.

In 2008 I moved back to the US (like that was a good idea in 2008) and slogged my way through until I decided I'd try my hand at teaching German in 2010. Turns out it was a good idea--teaching German was fun!

In 2013 I had another idea: teach German live and online. I started with one private client.

By 2015 it was a real, part-time job. I love spending an hour a week with my clients, helping them learn to speak and communicate in German.

So in 2018 I decided to expand and create a membership site: the GermanWithNicole Klub, where you can learn German one activity at a time.

Herzlich willkommen. :)


This Klub website will be updated as I improve upon my main site GermanWithNicole.com. Stay tuned by signing up for the Klub interest list below.